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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Καλησπέρα! Welcome to my blog for the Hellenic Studies Program! As the director of the Sac State Hellenic Studies Program, I hope to engage your interest for Hellenic Studies and Hellenism in general. For many of you, Hellenism is not just a topic of academic interest, but a lifelong passion. From antiquity to the present, Hellenism has had a global impact on society and culture. This website will highlight various aspects of Hellenism and serve as hub for information and academic discussions for the Hellenic Studies Program. Coming soon, you will find program information, events, podcasts, and archives that can be explored.

To inaugurate the website, I would like to turn your attention to our first archival collection that is showcased. The Nazi invasion of Crete, May - June 1941, has a plethora of images, interviews, news footage, posters, artifacts, and archival documents in their entirety that you can explore for research.... or simply because you are interested. This is the largest online archival collection in the world for the invasion and it is especially significant as this month marks the 80th anniversary of this battle during World War II. No charges will be requested, but all references to the material must follow standard academic convention and copyright protocol. The goal of the newly established John K. Tsakopoulos archive - of which the Nazi invasion of Crete collection belongs - is to carry out the mission of making information freely accessible to everyone. John K. Tsakopoulos is the inspiration for these archival holdings, and he hopes that everyone will visit the collection (more are being developed) to learn more about events and periods in modern Greek history, as well as the people behind them.

I will use this space to discuss current projects but also speak about current events - especially from a historical perspective. I hope that you enjoy reading these blog posts and hope to hear from you as well! Stay tuned as the website is populated and consider joining the mailing list to stay informed about upcoming events.

Αὕτη γὰρ μόνη ἐστὶκακῂ πραᾱξις, ἐπιστήμης στεηθῆναι. - The only real ill-doing is the deprivation of knowledge.

Plato. Protagoras, XXX

Katerina Lagos.


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